Customer Testimonials

Blair White - General Manager - Fort Myers Infiniti (Lot-Master)

“Presentation is everything. When  customers drive on to the lot, their first impression will be if you  have a high end or a low end dealership. If the cars are crooked and you  don’t have the curb appeal, it’s an instant turn off. The Lot-Master  makes it real easy to have the cars lined up down the rows perfectly.  It’s just a nice presentation. That’s the truth!”

Brian Massoll - Managing Partner - Volkswagen of Naples, Audi Naples and Naples Acura (Lot-Master)

"We have a large inventory of new and pre-owned cars in very tight  constraints. The Lot-Master was perfect for us in that it's both simple  to use and extremely accurate. The set up is quick and the pin-point  accuracy allows for great efficiency in already cramped quarters."

John Taddeo - Inventory Control - Germain Lexus of Naples (Lot-Master)

“I like the way the lot looks when I get done using the Lot-Master.  Everything looks precise and organized down to a half inch. It saves me  time. I don’t have to get in and out of the cars and look and look and  look. Once I get it set up, bam-bam-bam it just lines them up perfect! I  would miss the Lot-Master it if I didn’t have it. The development is  good. It’s a good product.”

Donnie Ritacco - Inventory Manager - Naples Nissan (Lot-Master)

"With the Lot-Master I only need one person to line up cars not two.  Frees up one person to do other things. Saves at least 2 man hours a  day."

Alex Cruz - Inventory Manager- Fort Myers Infiniti (Lot-Master)

“The Lot-Master is way too easy. When  aligning the cars with the Lot-Master, it narrows it down from 10 to 15  minutes a line, to just a couple of minutes.”

Andy South - General Manager - Pensacola Honda (Lot-Master)

"This really does work as advertised. Syncing the two units is a breeze,  and the light is bright enough that you can’t miss it. If you follow  the video showing on the website, you can’t go wrong. It is just that  easy to operate. It may seem too good to be true, but it’s not."

George Tracy - Sales Manager - Tamiami Ford (Lot-Master)

"I love the Lot-Master. Every dealership should have one!"

Raymond McShane - Minooka, IL (Park-Daddy)

"Enclosed pictures of my 2013 Chevy Avalanche. As you can see it is a long truck to fit in garage. (See Photo Album link)   I have to just get the rear bumper as close to the door as possible, to  leave room in front so you can walk between the sink. The Park-Daddy  makes it a breeze to park. Laser pointer was useless. Great product,  glad I found it."

Arnie Dzick - Etowah, NC (Park-Daddy)

I have less than 2 inches front and rear to work with. It is impossible  to walk by front or rear when garage door is closed. Right now, I am  using TV trays to hold the sensors. That way I could trial & error  location to get the perfect spot. When the light turns green, I have 1  1/2 inches to the wall. (See Photo Album link)  PS: Before the park daddy, I touched the wall with the bumper - many  times - so there is a dent in the dry wall now. Great  Product!!