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The Park-Daddy is a precision garage parking system for home garages. Using our patented infrared technology, advanced optics and innovative software techniques, the Park-Daddy uses the same technology and quality as our commercial systems. The Park-Daddy garage parking aid will notify the driver when they have cleared the garage door opening, allowing the maximum amount of space in the front of their car while minimizing wasted space behind the vehicle, eliminating damage to your vehicle or valuable items stored in your garage. 



This single user, precision system is perfect for lining up automobiles on car lots. Also, great for motorcycles, RV and heavy equipment dealers, pallets in warehouses, chairs in arenas and events, merchandise in showrooms, etc., giving an extraordinary presentation. Can also be used for soft surfaces by mounting sensors on dome head tripods, sold separately.



This system is perfect for aligning fence posts, columns, lighting poles, landscaping, plumbing, etc. By using this single user system you will be able to align objects with greater accuracy at a longer distance than by using a plumb line.

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Based in Durango Colorado, Invis-a-Beam LLC is a company that has developed Long Distance Precision Alignment Systems and Vehicle Parking Systems using our patented advanced infrared technology, state of the art electronics, advanced optics, coupled with innovative software techniques.


Our Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Paul Weiner, with his vast experience in the automotive industry and his earlier years with training in Aircraft Electrical Systems, has followed his vision by developing an Alignment Device to align automobiles at car lots. Weiner developed systems that was not only accurate at long distances but would also save man hours with an easy to use single user system. After teaming up with the company’s CTO and extensive testing, Weiner found that his products are not only perfect for the automobile industry but because of its long range precision would be beneficial for many other industries as well as helpful for Home Owners with a Precision Garage Parking System.


Director of Operations

Paula Gawthorp, with her past experience in the Hotel and Hospitality Industry, is experienced in all facets of Accounting and Customer Service. Ms. Gawthorp’s position as Administrative Director involves overseeing Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources and Inventory Control. In addition, Ms. Gawthorp is responsible for all operations of the Shipping and Receiving Departments, which entails domestic shipping, tracking and recording all incoming and outgoing commodities, implementing a shipping system for International Import and Export logistics.

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